Bolivia’s child labour union

Why do Bolivia’s children fight to legalise child labour?

The kids who clean shoes and sell cigarettes on the streets of Bolivia are not your typical political lobbyists. But after setting up their own trade union and publicly lobbying politicians, Bolivia’s child workers have forced the government to change the law and allow kids as young as 10 to work legally.

I travelled to Bolivia to shoot a short documentary about Bolivia’s union of child labourers. You can read about the situation of the children in my in-depth articles for Contributoria (PDF), Latterly Magazine (PDF) and Join Magazine.

A private link for the documentary is already available. Please get in contact for more details.

Empire documentaries

From Oscar-winning docs Hoop Dreams and Man On Wire to life-and-death dramas like Touching The Void and fan favourites such as King Of Kong, Spellbound and Dogtown And Z-Boys, the past decade has yielded some great documentaries. But what happened after the credits rolled? And what did the fates have in store for these memorable characters once the cameras packed up and left? Leaving no stone unturned to track them down and burning the midnight phonebill to speak to them, I chased the stars of these six outstanding docs for Empire magazine.

Read the whole story here.

Digital projects

I regularly take part in hackathons as well as digital and data journalism events. Obviously, I’m not a web developer, but I know my bit of coding and hacking. Here’s just a few examples of previous projects:

– Popathon Paris: Created the winning interactive documentary, using clickable elements in a video to explore the election of French president Francois Hollande – in a team with @ma_paradiso, @basilesimon and @padenot.

– BBC Newslabs hackathon 2014: Together with @ma_paradiso, used the BBC’s linked data to create a website automatically providing background information to news stories. Disclaimer: I worked for BBC Newslabs at the time.

– Immigration flows: With @basilesimon, I compiled data from several European statistical agencies to interactively visualise where migrants within the European Union come from and go to.

Going to a hackathon and looking for a journalist with technical skills? Let me know!