Digital projects

I regularly take part in hackathons as well as digital and data journalism events. Obviously, I’m not a web developer, but I know my bit of coding and hacking. Here’s just a few examples of previous projects:

– Popathon Paris: Created the winning interactive documentary, using clickable elements in a video to explore the election of French president Francois Hollande – in a team with @ma_paradiso, @basilesimon and @padenot.

– BBC Newslabs hackathon 2014: Together with @ma_paradiso, used the BBC’s linked data to create a website automatically providing background information to news stories. Disclaimer: I worked for BBC Newslabs at the time.

– Immigration flows: With @basilesimon, I compiled data from several European statistical agencies to interactively visualise where migrants within the European Union come from and go to.

Going to a hackathon and looking for a journalist with technical skills? Let me know!