Project by Michael Ertl and Basile Simon

What's the story?

Immigration is one of those topics you hear about almost every day in the media. From Romanians flooding the UK to the massive movements of population caused by wars around the world. We are bombarded with numbers about the flows of migrants, affecting our capacity to see the wider picture.
It is regularly an electoral issue in Europe, and some political parties are even founded on certain answers to the immigration question. Some even make their score thanks to the positions they took about illegal or legal immigration.

Immigration is a crucial question. To clarify this hotly contested issue we have created an interactive visualisation of the immigration in Europe, which hopefully will help the reader to grasp how important the migration flows on our continent are. It displays graphically the top destinations for immigrants in Europe.

To enhance readability, we limited the scope to 10 countries, and we only represented the top 5 destinations for immigrations in the doughnut (although the data for the 10 countries is published in our datasets, see below).
Due to the nature of the data, composed only from official census and sources, this chart does not take into account illegal immigration.

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