BBC World Service

I’ve been working as a broadcast journalist with the BBC World Service since summer 2014. I cover global affairs, technology, business and science for news & current affairs radio programmes including Newshour, Weekend and World Update.

My job is to source reliable information from conflict zones such as Ukraine, Iraq and Syria as well as to find interviewees – both players on the political/corporate stage and human stories. I also produce lighter features like this interview with former Kraftwerk drummer Wolfgang Flür.

My regional focus is on Latin America: I worked on the case of the 43 missing students from Iguala/Ayotzinapa and the Bolivian presidential elections. My other specialisation is Germany, covering news stories like the Pegida protest movement or eurozone bailout negotiations.



M94.5 radio

Tne local radio station M94.5 in Munich is where my fascination for radio started. The independent station catches the unique vibe of Munich and its young citizens. As a news reporter, I covered local politics, the economy, education and arts. I also regularly read the hourly news bulletins.

Report about an art performance at a former site of Nazi gatherings:

Report about the start of TTIP negotiations in 2012: